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Extensive experience in Software and IT Program Management, Design, Development and Deployment.  As an experienced PM I have had the pleasure of working on some unique and challenging engagements.  I’m looking currently looking for long term roles where I can apply my skills, knowledge. 




Experience in design, development, deployment and management.





APRIL  2017 -

SCRUM MASTER and Mentor SAFE and SCRUM practices, procedures and methods for multiple teams.

Plan and enact Scrum for teams which were in the process of merging into larger groups and facilitate their transition. 

Create tools (coded and developed) used in Reporting connecting AT&T TDP Program Management software, cloud based data and spreadsheets for use by Scrum Masters and PMs.




Release Manager 
ECOMP Domain 2.0

JAN 2016 - OCT 2016

Drive and Deliver Program of Multi-Project Releases (1604, 1607, 1610, 1702) for ECOMP teams across AT&T Doman 2.0.
Drive and nurture movement from waterfall to Agile processes, moving from multiple Planning tools (Rally, PRISM, etc) to consistent framework. 
Planned, managed and maintain scheduling, release plan coordination, communications and presentations for releases to L4 management and above (executive).
Projects covered all aspects from delivery of services and deployment to billing, operations and logistics

Created and Developed Reporting tools generating dashboard for SharePoint, PowerBI and Excel / PowerPoints to C Level Executives and Stakeholders.. 





JULY 2014 - DEC 2015

Drive Global Programs and Projects for Microsoft Supply Chain. 
Manage teams and coordinate (internal and external) supply chain software and processes for the first authorized game console and games and open Domestic China Market. 
Provide project planning, to drive internal and partner teams internationally with Joint Venture partners between Microsoft and China JV partners. 
PM total FMV replacement globally covering all Microsoft products. 
Planned, managed and drove multiple UATs, PITs, and Design/ Development for global scale projects with vendors in China, AOC, EOC using (SAFE) Agile and Hybrid management techniques.



Program Manager MS ECIT OEM

FEB 2014 - April 2014

Consult, Guide, and assist in developing FY2015 budgeting and security compliance for ECIT Engineering.

Provided guidance, timetables, estimates and assumptions gathering for budgeting across OEM Engineering internal and external partners.

Responsible for updating reporting via Email and Dashboard for SharePoint, PowerBI and Excel / PowerPoint presentations.



Business Analyst SME

Sep 2012 - DEC 2013

Developed business and software requirements, created custom tools and documentation for Premier Integration Online Tool. 
Project Management support for customers and teams to provide XML, XSLT and EDI mappings from design through UAT and release of project to enable EDI and extend Ariba customer functionality. Tools allowed teams to accept undefined mappings from EDI, XML or cXML sent by corporate or government clients. 
As creator of original tool I provided SME knowledge for eCommerce and EDI connectivity, drove and assisted remote teams responsible for online code development. 
Provide High-Level Document (HLD), Business and Functional Requirements for the project.
Coded, Designed and created XSLT and XSD schema updates, EDI, cXML, XML and MIME encoding tools. This allowed AT&T customers to work with AT&T 3rd party and internal systems. Provided updates to .NET client and Web based tool which uploaded configurations and worked to accept and analyze MIME, XML, EDI, cXML (Ariba) formatted files in pilots.


Microsoft Corporation

(CSG )

UX Development Design Evangelist

MSDN Generation App

MAY 2012 - SEPT 2012

Unique Opportunity to Act as Evangelist for Microsoft MSDN / Windows 8-10 UX App Design 
Mentored and guided quality level assistance to external partnered Developers on Windows 8 Apps for the Windows 8 release date go live.

Evangelized UX design goals and reviewed submitted apps to MS Store. Worked with Developer Partner teams to provide consulting and training on Windows Modern (formerly Metro) design for apps developers.

UX Design and Development Guidance for over 100 new apps by 3rd party partners using C#, .NET, and variety of code formats.

Provide alternative design assistance when migrating existing from desktop and previous mobile models to Windows App interface guidelines for desktop, mobile, and tablets.


Microsoft Corporation


Program Manager

Windows Azure Fabric Team

OCT 2011 - MAY 2012

Designed and Developed custom reporting and analytics tools for Windows Azure Fabric Team using SQL and SRSS.
Reporting tools provided analysis and coalition of incoming errors for in monitoring data, TFS items, and bug tracking to create Automation rules for Operations teams to improve responses and provide predictive forecasting. 
Built Data Pump to analyze and recover data from TFS into SQL Azure databases. 
Created SRSS & Power BI Reporting templates which interacted with SQL Azure data.


Microsoft Corporation



Microsoft Global Networking Services

April 2010 - JUN 2011

Program Manager/ SCRUM Master for SDLC environments for the Global Networking Services Tools Team. 
Created tools for reporting, status and updates to management. 
Created and evangelize documentation for Disaster Recovery of all tools. 
Provide direct consulting on customer-specific integrations. Scrum master and PM duties working with (SAFE) Agile and XP hybrid forms. Development and SME on department and external groups SharePoint sites. 
Created of four reporting tools that worked with internal sites merging external data with VS TFS reporting and scripting and reporting duties for other teams that needed specialized tools from our group as needed.




Product Manager

Premier Integration Team

NOV 2008 - APR 2010

Designed and Developed custom reporting and analytics tools for Windows Azure Fabric Team using SQL and SRSS.
Product Manager handling support, testing, and technical design for AT&T Wireless Premier eCommerce integration. • Reviewed and provided architecture, design and direct management of over 75 Fortune 500 customers. • Automation of B2B for customer’s integration with AT&T. • Design/ Developer of B2B cXML validation, verification and testing tools.
Technologies used: ATG Dynamo, Oracle Database, direct Punch-out support with cXML, XML, and OCI. Networks used included Ariba Supplier Network, Oracle Supplier Network, Oracle Exchange, Perfect Commerce, E2Open and direct bridging to AT&T systems. Developed the process and procedures for internal and external partners to work with AT&T Procurement Integration. Created several tools to analyze data sent by partners using Java, JSP, XML, cXML, OXTA that connected to differing eCommerce Supplier networks. Tools allowed teams to troubleshoot 3rd Party and customer "homegrown" solutions and then provide mapping solutions.

Microsoft Corporation


Program Manager

Windows Unlimited Potential Program

NOV 2007 - APR 2008

Program Manager overseeing design and development of hardware drivers and applications on a version of Windows XP Professional specific to the (One Laptop Per Child) OLPC XO-1 laptop. 
This was a Linux based laptop created in association with the United Nations and MIT to provide technology and change lives of children everywhere. 
Manage and Deliver driver development for hardware needs of the XO-1 and "Small Footprint Devices" a.k.a. "Netbooks." 
Make sure the OS achieved or exceeded feature parity with native Linux interfaces. Working with and driving multiple internal and external hardware software vendors and delivery teams. 
Perform project scheduling, driving milestones, overcoming intensive technological obstacles from M2 to M5, RTM and RTW of the project. This project received significant internal and external visibility and exposure and required an extreme confidentiality be maintained. 

Additional roles for me on this project included:
> Design of Icons/ Graphics on the UI for the Gamepad application.
> Design of the UX, UI for Driver Help screens and dialog boxes. 
> Provide technical help for and aided directly with user beta tests and case studies with users for field tests. 
> Work with vendors to obtain WHQL Certifications and WHQL Errata for drivers. 
> Localization Engineer for FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) language support for drivers.

Microsoft Corporation


Program Manager

Microsoft Global Networking Services

2006 - 2007

LOCALIZATION TOOLS TEAM • Responsible for development and deployment of recycling strategies and tools for the LocTools platform. • Assigned as PM for UI on LCXAdmin, LocStudio and LocProject 6.0 and 6.1 releases. Created functional specifications, UI design with MS Office, Windows, MSDN, MSN/Windows Live, teams in Microsoft. Work from this project was directly responsible for enabling Microsoft Software localized to more cultures than any other software on the planet.

IBM Global Services


Program Manager / SR. IT SPECIALIST / Software Architect

IBM Software Services
IBM Global Practice

1998 - 2005

Lead Tool Application Developer for VSA (RT Audit, WinAudit, and WinCWA)/ SR. IT SPECIALIST FOR MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS / ROLES 
2000 to 2005
Creator, Designer and Developer of passive security and auditing tools used by accounts globally.
• Application / Architectural Consultant / Development Specialist.
American Express, Avaya, Bank One, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent Technologies, Rational Software, State of California, NBA, Sony, eCommerce and Critical situation issues specialist. 911 SWAT TEAM (On-Site Response Team for IBM Customers destroyed in 9/11) eCommerce multiple help desk systems 
Consulting Specialist for Web Transition and Database Issues









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